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Practical Law Canada subscribers know that Practical Law Canada’s service focuses on providing practical insight to help increase efficiency, decrease costs and improve client service. Here’s what our subscribers say about our service.

"Practical Law is a must have service. It enables a lawyer to stay competitive in today’s changing legal profession. Practical Law provides a lawyer with transactional know how on demand, without the cost or time to develop or maintain it. It incorporates existing market standards which are continuously enhanced. It provides a transactional baseline which both sides can accept as industry standard. This enables me to focus on what I believe to be the highest value add from a lawyer in today’s evolving legal profession – namely, advising on the risks and opportunities associated with the business deal."

Chris Besant

Partner, Gardiner Roberts LLP

"Practical Law is a great tool for my practice. As a senior partner, by using Practical Law standard documents, I am able to focus on project implementation and legal and business risk analysis, versus simple drafting. Practical Law also reduces the instructions that I have to provide my associates. As important, when my associates ask me questions, it is after they have read and thought about the annotations provided under Practical Law. This way, the quality of the question is enhanced, and efficiency and product delivery is improved. Using Practical Law increases efficiency, decreases costs and improves client service and associate tasks."

Jonathan Fleisher

Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

"I was quick out of the gate to discover Practical Law in my early years of private practice in New York and it gave me an invaluable competitive edge in terms of getting up the learning curve and grasping the ins-and-outs of corporate and structured finance. Now as a more senior practitioner, I use Practical Law’s weekly updates to ensure that I am among the first to know of new market developments, and the extensive precedent database coupled with the “What’s Market” articles provide an excellent benchmark for drafting and negotiating transaction documents. From market trends and best practices to regulatory updates, the breadth and depth of information available on Practical Law has made it truly a one-stop reference shop in my practice."

Simon J.C. Williams

Senior Associate, Torys LLP

"I frequently use Practical Law Canada to look up standard provisions where the precedents I can find have language which seems "over-lawyered" or too context specific to be used in the task at hand. I find the language used across all documents/clauses in Practical Law Canada to be clear, concise and practical."

Alison Manzer

Partner, Cassels Brock & Blackwell LLP

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